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The following is a brief synopsis of our current collection of Murder Mystery scripts.   If you are planning a special function and would like to do something a little different around the dinner event, then a Murder Mystery is just the thing. 

The diners are not just passive observers of the entertainment but can participate actively by playing detective and questioning each of the characters individually in an attempt to deduce "who dunit".  Prior to the climax of the show, ballots are passed around to all of the diners and they can indicate who they think the culprit ( or culprits) is (or are) and why. 

After the finale and all has been revealed, the ballots are sorted and two prizes are awarded.  One ballot is drawn from those that have correctly fingered the guilty party and the person that submitted that ballot wins a prize.  The remaining prize is awarded to the person that submits the most creative or amusing reasoning for their deduction, even if it isn't the correct one.  Each prize is typically a pair of tickets to the next stage production by The Lakeside Players (an $18 value).

We can tailor an existing script or create a new story line to follow just about any theme you might require.  For more information regarding our Murder Mysteries, please contact us.

The Dildo Conspiracy

We are celebrating the 80th birthday of Preston Amesley-Faversham-Barton, owner and founder of Faversham Safe and Dildo Co. Ltd.  Preston's philanthropy is well known.   Unfortunately, it does not extend to his family who are all gathered here to see what valued heirlooms he is donating.
This of course, leads to some tension between family members.

The Cast of Characters:

Preston Amesley-Faversham-Barton
Edwin, the eldest and most responsible son
Maude, 3rd and current wife of Preston
Wilhemina, daughter and woman of loosely-woven moral fibre
Charles, son and crusading environmentalist of uncertain political
persuasion and artist of scant repute
Polly, secretary to Preston, insufferable and ever present
Lucy Brock, sister-in-law, sister to Diana, Prestons 2nd wife
Inspector Kluneau

Bludigore (A Musical Tragedy)

Wealthy writer-composer Angus Floydd-Webster is in town to drum up some financial support for his new musical "I Miss Saigon".  His previous musicals "Dogs" and "The Pantomime at the Rue Morgue" received critical acclaim, but upset those in his entourage.

The Cast of Characters:

Rose-May Budd, wife to Floydd-Webster
Des Murgatroyd, Floydd-Webster's lawyer
Julias, Floydd-Webster's younger brother
Gilda O'Sullivan, syndicated theatre critic
Michael (Mick) Addoh, producer
Katie Shaw, musical theatre diva of questionable repute
Detective-Inspector D'Oyly-Carte-Blanche

Exterminator Surprise

The Dolan Brothers are here to give a demonstration of some of the fine products from their extermination business.  Their motto: "Something Bugging You? We have the solution." Unfortunately, bugs aren't the only thing to get squashed in this scenario.

The Cast of Characters:

Darwin Dolan: Founder and president of Dolan Brothers Extermination
Darryl Dolan: Darwin's older brother.  Spends more time at the track than he does at work
Dora Dolan: The matriarch of the family
Violet Minelli: Darwin's girlfriend. Usually under some sort of sedation.
Vinnie Minelli: Violet's brother and tough mafioso
Stella Street: Employed by Vinnie to be Violet's "companion"
Myrtle Peach: Vinnie's moll
Father Francis Murphy: Family friend and consummate Irish priest
Harri Steele: Tough-nosed undercover RCMP investigator.

Micro Mayhem

Gill Bates, president and founder of Micro-Shaft Inc. is here to promote his new book "The Trail Forward" and the latest edition of the computer operating system Doors '98.  Gill's marketing practices has upset more than his competitors.

The Cast of Characters:

Gill Bates: Billionaire computer products company president
Kathy Bates: His wife and ultimate computer geek
Sharon Pliers: Micro-shafts project manager from hell
Karl (Killer) Kenosee: Gill's bodyguard. A man of few words and fewer brain cells
Frankie Hoffman: President of the Canadian Shrink Wrappers Union.
Currently in contract dispute with Micro-shaft.
Paul McCarty: (nee Paul Bates) Brother of Gill and bandleader of Paul
McCarty and Rings.
Stefan Wasinski: President of Pear Computers, Micro-shafts main
Crystal Ball: Owner of Crytal's Psychic Hotline
Inspector Dudley: RCMP investigator looking into trade union wrong

Spy vs Spy

Delilah Delightful is the promoter of the number one and two ranked professional golfers in the country. Sedate and mysterious James Templer and flamboyant bad-boy Screaming Joey Sachs. Joey's attitude to the sacred game of golf drives James up the wall. Actually, it's more like a short putt.

The Cast of Characters:

James Templer: Golf professional and world traveller.
Mary Templer: His tolerant wife
Julia Templer: Their unruly daughter and Joey's main squeeze
Graham Gunn: New golf pro at the Crooked Creak Golf Club and personal friend of both James and Joey
Screaming Joey Sachs: Golf professional who earned his nickname from his antics on the course
Delilah Delightful: Professional athlete manager and promoter
Maddy Wilson: Gossip columnist. Freelances for Frank magazine
Anne Ominous: Mysterious lady dressed in black.
Dudley Do-Right: RCMP flat-foot. Gained notoriety of the infamous Boris and Natasha during the cold war.

The Legend of Sleepy Head

I.C. Bob Crane, president and CEO of Crane Pharmaceuticals and Remedies has recently awoke from a coma and is throwing a coming out party.  He is convinced that one of his family or employees are responsible for delivering him into the arms of morpheus. He has hired his limousine
driver and clairvoyant xx to try and expose the culprit.

The Cast of Characters:

I.C. Bob Crane: Ruthless industrialist, unconscionably uses employees
Eleanor Lake-Palmer: His wife.  Plays the part of the proper business woman.
Katie Crain: Their daughter.  She would be out to lunch if her picnic
basket was full.
Rock Cuisine: Aspiring soft-rock star and current boyfriend of Katie
F.G. Daly: Corporate lawyer for CPR.  Gained notoriety for his courtroom antics during his time as Queen's Council
Eve Garden: Bitter but brilliant chemist.  Works tirelessly in the CPR labs.
Moe Clark: Aspiring political hopeful.  She and F.G and been through
more than one campaign together.
xx: Ex cabbie and current psychic and mystic.

One Bad Apple

The town of Crabtree Corners is having their annual, celebrity apple pie bake-off.   Each contestant is given a standard pie plate to ensure anonymity during the judging.  There are seven finalists.
As can be expected, one of the apple pies causes a certain amount of "physical distress" to one of the characters to the point that they are rendered "life-signs challenged".  The difficulty for the investigators arises from the fact that the apple pies are indistinguishable from each other.

Attending the bake-off are:

CCRAP Executive:

Margaret MacIntosh: President of Crabtree Corners Regional Apple
Producers (CCRAP).  Margaret has organised this year's bake-off.  She
is just a delightful, smiley person that everyone wants to strangle.

Graeme Pear: Vice President of CCRAP and official taste tester.

The Finalists:

Reverend Harry Porter:  Former army chaplin, rumoured not to have had an honourable discharge.

Jennifer Felcher, Mystery Writer:  A real busybody and tells everyone
what they should do.

Don Gordon, Police Chief:  Don tries to do right by his friends and sees
nothing wrong in "fixing" parking tickets.  He's a real red-neck conservative.

Stewart Blanchard, Mayor:  "Stewie" to everyone.   He is a real concerned politician with a big smile and a warm handshake.

Doris Yamaha, Environmentalist:  Doris received a doctorate in Science
specializing in environmental studies, from the University of Guelph.

Phyllis Fenton, Peyton Place Ex-Wife:  Phyllis has won this event for the past nine years and expects to win again.

Conrad White, Newspaper Editor:  "Connie" is the editor and publisher of "The Crabtree Corners Chronicle" and sometimes offends his readers with his liberal views.


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