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Humpty Dumpty by John Crocker and Eric Guilder

November 11-14, 2004

Thursday – Saturday 7:30pm

Saturday  – 2pm;  Sunday 11am & 3pm

Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre, Britannia Park

Information:  829-9565

In the Land of Goldova a mysterious egg has sat on the wall for years, with the note that if it falls the King will lose his crown.  The King’s men and the King’s horses protect the egg.  There are several chickens that lay golden eggs, which is the currency of Goldova,  They are cared for by Hetty Hencake and her chickenmaids.  Unfortunately they are not laying at the moment and the exchequer is down to 6 gold eggs.  Underdown the King of the Goblins is demanding 12 gold eggs or the hand of the princess in marriage.  Add to this mix a white witch who can’t fly, a wizard and his witchlet who continually try and tip the egg off the wall and a wandering band of gypsies and you get a great panto story for all!


Location:  Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre


            Sunday, May 16: 6-7pm – chorus,  7:30-9pm – leads

            Thursday, May 20: 6-7pm – chorus,  7:30-9pm – leads

            Thursday, May 27: 6-7pm – chorus,  7:30-9pm – leads


Chorus are children 5 and up. Leads are teens, young adults and adults of any age. To be considered for a lead role you must be free to attend rehearsals Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Rehearsals start after Labour Day.

Auditioners are asked to wear clothes and footwear suitable for vigorous movement. 

Individual and group singing will be part of the audition.  It is recommended to bring water. 

Leads should bring a monologue or poem, nursery rhyme that they are comfortable presenting to a group.  It does not have to be memorized. 

There are limited spaces for every audition, so you must call and reserve a spot.  Call Sue for more information:  829-9565


Addelpate the Dozenth, King of Goldova

Princess Eglantine, his daughter

Sergeant Rank & Private File, The King’s Men

Romano, a gypsy, lead male

Dot & Carryone, the King’s Horses

Hetty Hencake, chief chicken-maid and dame

Albumenia, the White Witch

Fowlpest, the wicked Wizard

Chickweed, his witchlet Apprentice

Underdown, King of the Goblins 

Humpty Dumpty, love interest of demon’s apprentice

Chorus - rooster, hens, chicken-maids, soldiers, harlequin, rainbow spirits, gypsies and goblins.  Some dance experience valuable.

PS. Check out the cool Puss in Boots cast picture in "Past Seasons"


Big Band Dances

Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre hosts Big Band dances.

The Lakeside Players decorated the hall for the dances in

December and January with Christmas trees, reindeer, garlands, greenery

and thousands of lights. Here are pictures of the bands on stage:



The Art of Story Telling for the Theatre

August 10-17, 2003

Theatre Ontario, Brock University

Sue Hall, Norm Foster and Jim Alexander

During our week long course we had a special guest on Thursday afternoon.

Mask Making and Movement Workshop

August 26-27, 2003

Sir Sanford Fleming College at The Haliburton School of the Arts

 Four Lakeside Players attended a weekend course in Haliburton to learn more about movement and mask making. The instructor was Robert Faust. Check out his web page at Here Andrea and Meghan are making clay molds.





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