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Puss in Boots

November 7th to November 10, 2002



That Summer

by David French

directed by Sue Dacey

 Margaret Ryan returns to Willow Beach, a summer resort on Wolf Lake in Southern Ontario, with her granddaughter to relive the summer of 1958 when she was forced to vacation there with her family. As the narrator, Margaret freely moves about the people who made up that summer; herself at 17, her sister Daisy, her father Jack, Mrs. Crump from the cottage next door, and Paul, one of the local boys. This is a coming of age play where innocence and beauty play hand-in-hand with tragedy.

 That Summer opened the 25th Anniversary Blyth Festival in Blyth Ontario, June 15, 1999 with the following cast and crew:

Mrs. Crump        Diana Belshaw

Paul                         Eric Davis

Narrator              Michelle Fisk

Daisy         Samantha Reynolds

Caitlin                Erin Roulston

Maggie           Adrienne Wilson

Jack                Larry Yachimec

Directed by                              Bill Glasco

Set and Costume Design by    Shawn Brode

Sound by                                Evan Turner

The Lakeside Players production had the following cast and crew:

Caitlin                  Sarah Boivin

Paul                         Nick Hebb

Maggie               Andrea Roche

Narrator               Wendi Smith

Daisy                     Laura Sobel

Jack            Brian Tannenbaum

Mrs. Crump        Helen Weeden

Directed by                                     Sue Dacey

Stage Manager                     Elaine McCausland

Assistant to the Director    Kerry-Lee Faulkner

Assistant Stage Manager               Kevin Dacey

Assistant Stage Manager           Meghan Empey

Set Designer                         Elaine McAusland

Lighting Designer           Sudarsan Narasimhan

Props Mistress                                Judy Givon


Daisy and Maggie



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