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This page contains press releases of upcoming Lakeside Players events.

Any material on this page can by used by the media.



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The Queen of Hearts

by John Crocker, Music by Eric Guilder

November 6 – 9, 2003

The Queen of Hearts is presented in the traditional British panto style with a chorus of 24, singing leads of 14 plus a talented band. The audience is required to Boo and Cheer and sing along, while helping the hero find the treasure, which includes his bride.  Larger than life characters including a panto animal, cavort with the audience as they sing and dance their way to success.

 Based (rather loosely) on the well-known fairy tale, The Queen of the Land of Hearts must bake some tarts in order to have her daughter wed to the Prince of Diamonds. However the tarts are stolen away by The Knave of Hearts. The Queen and King, along with The Prince and Princess, and everyone else – demons, fairies, sorcerers, police, footmen – follow the trail of the tarts to the moon and back.

 The British panto is a form of entertainment derived from a number of different sources; commedia del’arte, ballet, opera, music hall, folklore and fairy tales. This strange mixture has created a splendid topsy-turvy world where men are women, where the present is embraced within the past, where people are hit but not hurt, where authority is constantly flouted, where everything is open to ridicule including pantomime itself, and above all, where magic abounds and dreams invariably come true. And yes, The Queen of Hearts has all of this.

Tickets are available at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre, Stafford Road (596-8783), from cast and crew, at the door on the date of performance or can be reserved for pickup by email or by calling 825-1917.


Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre (formerly Lakeside Gardens), Britannia Park

Thursday November 6 to Saturday November 8 - 7:30pm

Saturday November 8, Matinee - 2:00pm

Sunday November 9, Matinees - 11am & 3pm

Ticket prices:  $9 Adults $7 Seniors/Students $4 Children

- 30 -

Members of the media are invited to contact either directors Sue Hall (829-9565) or Jim Alexander (day 765-2515, evening 623-5437) or email


The Queen of Hearts                                                                November 6- 9, 2003


The Melville Boys

by Norm Foster

April 29 - May 2, 2004

 Owen and Lee Melville arrive at their lakeside cottage for a relaxing weekend of drinking beer, fishing and just being guys. Their well-laid plans go awry with the timely arrival of two sisters, Loretta and Mary. The woman stay the night and we learn how each individual must deal with a different past and an uncertain future. This is a funny and tender, yet unsentimental, look at how the four of them share a common ground while moving through  different stages of their lives.


 "Foster declines to settle for the obvious, giving us instead, a story that has the uncertainties and the complexity of real life." - London Free Press

 "A beautifully written contemporary comedy." - Harrisburg Patriot News

 "Engrossing and entertaining. This is certainly a play you're bound to enjoy." - New York Post

"The packed house roared with laughter and were moved to tears in the same play."  Huron Expositor

"If you miss it, it will be your great loss." - Ottawa Citizen

Tickets are available currently available by email or can be purchased at Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre during the performance of The Queen of Hearts.


Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre (formerly Lakeside Gardens), Britannia Park

Thursday April 29 to May 1 - 8:00 pm

Sunday May 2, Matinee - 2:00pm

Ticket prices:  $9 Adults $7 Seniors/Students

- 30 -


The Melville Boys                                                                   April 29 - May 2, 2004

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